GGN is an independent nursing and care agency serving mainly central and north west London. We have been providing our services for more than 20 years and are proud to have always received a three star rating from the Care Quality Commission (previously known as The Commission for Social Care Inspection), which registers both nursing and domiciliary sides of the Agency. A copy of the latest inspection report can be downloaded from the 2019 CQC report section of this website. 

The founder, Claudia Alexander, is a Registered General Nurse who specialised in Coronary Care and Care of the Elderly and has over 35 years of nursing experience.

It was this experience that brought into focus the need for an agency in London that could offer high calibre nurses and carers at affordable prices. She also became aware that, since many of the clients would be elderly and housebound, a more personal approach would be appreciated. To this end each client is visited regularly to ensure standards are being maintained and the Agency keeps in constant contact via telephone to check all is running smoothly.

As the Agency became more established so the additional needs of the clients became more apparent and, to meet these, various additional services are offered at no extra cost. These include organisation of prescriptions, delivery of specimens, ordering and collection of disability aids and, if required, arranging visits from physiotherapists, chiropodists and dentists. Finally, an information and advice service is available and assistance with form filling offered.

The foregoing amounts to a unique standard of patient care which, in turn, does much to relieve the worry and stress often felt by the client, their family and those concerned with the care.